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12 week
Nicotex therapy.

Wondering what's the right subscription pack for you? Tell us the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and based on your habit, we will recommend the correct pack that you should opt for. Try it now!1

Mint Plus
12 packs for 12 weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy
For week 1 to 4- use one 14 mg patch per day
For week 5 to 12- use one 7 mg patch per day

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Helped me quit smoking
By Ronit on 18 April 2019
By Srinath on 26 April 2019
By Raju on 09 May 2019
Good Product to quit smoking
5 Stars
By Yash on 18 May 2019
This this worked awesomely to my father and he left smoking few days ago. Thanks Nicotex!
5 star
By anshul goyal on 18 May 2019
Used for the first time. It really helps
Helped me quit smokking
By P.Mani on 09 June 2019
Good product
By Jayesh koli on 24 July 2019
Helped me to quit smoking
Helps quit smoking
By Pavan Kumar on 24 April 2019
Good Product
By Ronit mandal on 18 April 2019
Good product
By Hemantpatel on 22 April 2019


Please note that this is a customized therapy based on the number of cigarettes that you smoke on an average per day. There may be a possibility that one may either require additional gums or may be left with a few strips extra depending upon your nicotine requirement which may vary from person to person.


However, based on your urge to smoke, you can shorten or widen the gap between two consumption occasions of gums, provided you do not consume more than 24 gums per day.


For those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes, please consult your doctor.

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