What Is Nicotex?

Nicotex is a gum containing nicotine that helps smokers to quit tobacco smoking. It works on the proven principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

Why should I use Nicotex?

Nicotex helps you quit tobacco smoking. Nicotex also helps you reduce withdrawal symptoms that arise when you stop smoking, such as nicotine cravings that are associated with sudden quitting.

Is Nicotex sugar-free?

Yes. Nicotex is formulated with an artificial sweetener and, so, it is sugar-free.

Does Nicotex come in different flavours?

Yes, Nicotex gum comes in six flavours: Mint plus, Classic Fresh Mint, Fruity Mint, Cinnamon, Paan and Teeth Whitening.

How long should I use Nicotex?

You are advised to use Nicotex for the full 12 weeks cycle of NRT to improve your chances of success. Please consult your doctor in case you feel the need to use it for longer than 12 weeks.

How do I use Nicotex gums?

Chew Nicotex gums correctly for effective results:
Step 1 – Chew it slowly till you get the taste of nicotine.
Step 2 – Place it between your cheek & gums.
Step 3 – Repeat Step 1 when the taste fades.

How does Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) work?

Cigarettes contain a chemical called nicotine. When you smoke a cigarette, nicotine reaches the brain in a few seconds. Here, it releases a chemical called dopamine, which reduces anxiety and makes you feel good. However, this feeling is transient and doesn’t last long. No sooner does the feeling fade, and you start craving a cigarette again.
NRT provides you that nicotine in very small amounts, lesser than that in a cigarette, which helps you control the urge to smoke. It thus, allows your body to gradually adjust to having less Nicotine until it no longer needs any. It also helps prevent withdrawal symptoms like headache, nausea, irritability, lack of concentration etc., which are typically associated with quitting smoking.

Can I get addicted to Nicotex?

Nicotex works on the principle of NRT. It is to be used for a period of 12 weeks, and using a step down dosing approach. Using the correct therapy of Nicotex, one is supposed to stop using Nicotex as well at the end of the therapy period of 12 weeks.
Kindly note that the amount of nicotine is lower in NRT as compared to a cigarette. It also takes longer for nicotine in NRT to get to the brain and to give you a dopamine hit, as compared to a cigarette. So, it’s much easier to stop using Nicotex than it is to stop smoking.

Is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Safe?

NRT has been in use for over 4 decades. This therapy has also been recommended by leading global bodies like the World Health Organization & the US FDA as an effective method to quit smoking. Some people may experience mild side effects, but they can tide over them over time, and by following instructions of use. Considering that NRT helps you quit smoking which is a very serious health hazard, the usefulness of NRT is unquestionable.

What about the side effects of Nicotex?

Nicotex works on the NRT. It’s quite rare to have serious side effects from using NRT. Mild side effects can occur sometimes, but they usually don’t last long. In most of the cases, these side effects are caused because of the incorrect use of NRT. Refer the pack insert for more details.

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